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Finally found the perfect pizza dough recipe. Through much experimentation, the biggest issue was getting the dough to shape properly. Dough constantly tore or the pizza looked more like flatbread. But not this recipe. I made a batch yesterday, froze three dough balls and refrigerated the fourth. Pulled one out of the refrigerator today and it shaped perfectly. Also used a pint of tomatoes I canned last weekend to make fresh sauce, and there’s pepperoni under there. The flavor was fresh, the crust was chewy and held the toppings, and I must say it’s the best pizza I’ve made at home. I also dare to say it rivals many restaurant pizzas. Pizza Dough and Raw Tomato Sauce from Canal House Volume 8: Pronto!

This book, this author have been so amazingly fun to work with this year. It pubs Tuesday and the voice, the content, the images, the graphics make this seriously a HOMERUN.


Today on Cool Stuff We Get In the Mail: Caraaaazy looking mushrooms! Otherwise known as Shroom by Becky Selengut.


Scaling up “pure food”

I was sent this article to read more about opposing views (based on the headline). But the article is anything but in support of what we think of “big food.”

Rethinking what’s good food, bad food, and how we reformulate the conversation. Creating a model around “perfect” food. Dude is hitting it outta the park in Atlanta.

*Please excuse my first attempt at grinding my own burgers. While the combination of meat was delicious and grinding my own is probably how I’ll forever make burgers - as you can see I need to trim more of the fat next time. Oops in the most delicious way.

All About Bittman Day

It’s Wednesday - my favorite day for it’s food section day. A whole lotta Bittman on my radar today.

First is his NYT op-ed piece on the true cost of burgers:

Up second, and more useful (read: fun) and less serious, is the why and how of making your condiments at home:

I recently recreated the Shake Shack secret sauce and while I didn’t make the ingredients to go in it at home, I can tell you it was the best thing I’ve ever spread on a cheeseburger, and that I can’t find in the grocery aisle.

Do’s and Don’ts: Marketing at Farmers Markets - Modern Farmer

Some good Do’s here to remember in merchandising and branding a farmers’ market stand/booth/table/tent. I all too often am amazed at how simple things are often overlooked, so the reminders are always good.


Bread!KC (at Maker Village KC)

Another night, another successful bread KC at maker village


Bread!KC (at Maker Village KC)

Another night, another successful bread KC at maker village